Orgonite Crystal



Hello! I’m MohammadKasim, the founder of Orgonite Crystal. Our team is on a mission to giving you the SPIRITUAL LIFE BALANCING, CHAKRA BALANCING,  share the key to living a happy  and  fulfilling life our goal is to MAKE A WORLD BETTER PLACE, WITH THE HELP OF CRYSTALS,  spread positive vibes, and empower people to LIVE from the inside out Full of Energetic, Protect from EMF Radiation, With the Help of Crystal.


Back in April of 2015, just weeks after dropping out of School Life during my 12 Std year, a marketing venture of mine collapsed, and I found myself in a tough place. We was a very Tough Situation, As We were not Having Enough Money To Study Future Graduation, So, I Decided to Work for Spending Good Life, My Father is doing Business of Stone At Khambhat ( Birth Place of Stone ),  I am Crazy on Crystals, Gemstone, Orgone Product, Healing, Metaphysical, Reiki Products. 
I Collect this Type Of Stuff A lot Since Small Age, And Now It had Become My Passion.We Decided to Take our Passion to Next Level. The business I’d put countless hours of my time and effort into had failed, and I had no idea what to do next. I realized that I was chasing the wrong Step over the past couple years in business and my personal life, and I needed to make a change.

All my life, I knew my purpose was to influence people in a positive way, and share truth with others. My faith in God was what I valued most, and I wanted desperately for all the world to hear about what He has done for them. But I didn’t know how, or what my role in His plan would be.


It was during that valley in 2015 that God put it on my heart to start thinking from another point, I get touch on internet with Big gurus of Business. This time, it wasn’t just another old startup of mine. 

I have struggled in sharing my Crystal Passion at times, and I had the idea of creating Orgonite Crystal, Orgone Pyramid, Orgone, Gemstone jewelry, Bracelet and Chakra Healing Product that would help in your Spiritual Life. I knew that it wasn’t just me that struggled with my Spiritual Life, so I had no doubt that this could help many people.

Late into the night, I found myself designing Orgonite/ Orgone Pyramid, Pendant with unique meanings and themes. I dug through different Source, finding my favorite verses to match each style.

I realized that something as Orgonite Crystals could serve as amazing tools for spread positive vibes, and empower people to LIVE from the inside out Full of Energetic, Protect from EMF Radiation, With the Help of Crystal. When someone asks about a Orgonite Crystals we’re Using, we have an incredible opportunity to explain what it means to us and what the purpose of it is. A simple “hey I like your Orgonite Crystal” could turn into a life-changing experience for that person.

Just a few weeks later, Orgonite Crystal was born and I sold my first Orgone Pyramid/ Necklace online. The night I launched the online store in December of 2015, I sold over 50 Orgone Pyramid. After that very first day, I had confirmation that I made the right decision, and that this was something I needed to keep pursuing.

The Name Orgonite Crystal represent, how Orgonite + Crystal together Play a big Role in our Spiritual Life, help in our chakra balancing, and help the world to know the benefit of Orgonite & Crystal. We will never be perfect, and every single day, we must work hard to grow in our relationship with our Creator. The Orgonite Pyramid/ Pendant and now, Healing Crystals, Agate Stone, Orgonite, Handmade Orgone Crystal, Chakra Healing Set, Chakra Kit, Crystal Set, Orgone Energy, Chakra Stones, Orgone Pyramid, Orgone Pendant, Emf Protecter. Home Decor, Gemstone Bracelet, Stone Bracelet, Reiki Product, Meditation Tools, Gemstone Pendulum, Gemstone, Crystal Massager, Many More Collection we have  serve as a daily reminder to constantly strive to MAKE A WORLD BETTER PLACE, WITH THE HELP OF CRYSTALS. With the help of our Brother, & Our Team we,ve created Wide range of Best Orgonite in the World, to further Amplify your Spiritual Life and enjoy Positive Vibes.


At Orgonite Crystal, Giving back has always been core belief, Since the beginning, We are Helping Small Organization, Poor & Needy People, Who Don’t have proper food to eat two time a day, Our first and foremost goal is and has always been to Give back and help to more people. We’ve decided to give at least 17.5% of our net profits to this Cause.