The Unique Nubian Pyramid

Speaking about pyramids, the image that comes running to our mind is that of the Pyramids in Egypt, tall and broad structures, that has been one of the 7 wonders of the world. It is based on this shape that pyramid products are now manufactured.

Orgone pyramid

In Africa, there is another pyramid structure that has, even though not completely, fallen into oblivion, and it is the Nubian pyramids. These pyramid structures are much smaller than those in Egypt but still impressive. It is based on this structure thatOrgonite Crystals have designed one of our products, theORGONE NUBIAN AMETHYST ENERGY GENERATOR PYRAMID.

This is a high-quality orgone energy generator product made of Amethyst Crystals. Amethyst is a violet variety of quartz and a natural stress reliever that encourages inner strength and peace. This crystal is able to bring wealth and are the stones of spiritual growth and protection. A strong generator of the orgone energy, let us check what all benefits one can reap by having the ORGONE NUBIAN AMETHYST ENERGY GENERATOR PYRAMID with them:

  • EMF Protection – This is one of the most celebrated benefits of Orgone products. With EMF radiation emitting devices around us always, like mobile phones, cellular towers, wi-fi routers, modems and so on, we are engulfed in a sea of radiation. This Orgone pyramid helps in keeping us safe from the problems caused by this radiation.
  • Anxiety Relief – Amethyst crystal is a celebrated stress reliever. It helps in calming our mind and promoting good and positive thoughts. The curing energy of Amethyst calms our chronic stress and reduces anxiety that ruins our daily life.
  • Balances Crown Chakra – Amethyst is a purifying stone and it heals and protects energies, thereby helping to clear, open blockages and balance the Crown Chakra.
  • Healthy Nervous System – Amethyst, with its awesome healing powers, helps un healing the physical ailments of the nervous system. Amethyst is hailed as a stone that is powerful to clear all physical obstacles of your neural tissues.
  • Yoga Pyramid – You can practice yoga with this Orgone Energy Generator Pyramid and it helps in facilitating a healing and calming energy that helps you to get rid of the negative darkness.

These are some amazing benefits of this Amethyst pyramid. You can purchase theORGONE NUBIAN AMETHYST ENERGY GENERATOR PYRAMID fromOrgonite Crystals. This pyramid can be bought for $64.94, while its original price is $99.90. With this deal, you can save 34% on the order amount.

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